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Welcome to eVestigations, Inc.

For over 14 years our Technology Litigation Services have provided leading law firms with the advantage of fact-based expert opinions.  Whether at the beginning or in the midst of the eDiscovery process or a Digital Forensic investigation, eVestigations Inc. has the resources and experience to facilitate a favorable outcome.

  • eVestigations Inc. supports your eDiscovery process, offering responsive service from the anticipation of litigation through settlement or decision.  We have provided eDiscovery processing and consultancy expertise in high profile multi-million dollar cases as well as small matters where cost of discovery must be controlled. 
  • eVestigations Inc. provides in-depth technical analysis for your Digital Forensics needs, featuring convenient on- and off-site imaging, efficient evidence retrieval, and precise Expert Reports. 
  • We offer Expert Services for both civil and criminal matters, calling upon senior-level experience and extensive certifications. 

Our mission is to deliver expert consulting and litigation services in a way that demonstrates integrity and professionalism so that our clients obtain the facts they need to achieve their objectives.